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Get solar

No installation required

For years, PGE has helped customers connect to clean, renewable energy, leading the way to Oregon’s clean energy future. Now, there’s a new way to use renewables. Through a partnership with the Oregon Community Solar Program, customers who may not have a sunny roof or are renting or perhaps shied away in the past because of the upfront installation costs, can go solar.

How community solar works

This new, subscription-based program gives you the ability to buy or lease a portion of a local community solar project – often located on buildings, schools, churches, even free-standing units on undeveloped sites. In return, you’ll get an ongoing energy credit on your PGE bill once the project is complete and is generating energy. Plus, subscribers aren’t responsible for repairs or maintenance and you can take your subscription with you if you move.

More access to clean energy

The Community Solar Program is an easy, low risk way for a wider, more diverse group of customers to gain all the advantages of solar while helping those who may not have had access in the past, like condo dwellers and low-income residents. By connecting individuals, businesses, organizations, communities and developers, it creates a great opportunity to expand the use of clean, renewable energy.

For information about community solar and to learn just how easy you can participate, visit the Oregon Community Solar Program.