Green Source℠

Go 100 percent renewable

Green Source

Go 100 percent renewable with Green Source℠ for just a little more a month.

Power Supply Mix
Green Source Power Supply Mix
Environmental Impact
Green Source Environmental Impact

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Get all of your electricity from renewable energy for about $6 more per month.  

That’s based on the typical renewable power customer, who uses about 716 kWh per month. Add $0.008 per kWh to your  Basic Service  price.

Prices are subject to change. Any pricing changes will be updated upon OPUC approval. 

You do not need to purchase this product to receive electric service from PGE.

Our renewable power is certified by one of the most stringent programs in the nation.

Add Habitat Support when you sign up for Green Future to restore local fish habitat.

We’re working hard to meet Oregon’s renewable portfolio standard of 25 percent renewables by 2025.