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Billing & Payment Options

Choose one or combine them for ultimate ease

Self-service ways to pay

In-person ways to pay

You can also pay your bill in person at Western Union or CheckFreePay locations.

  • Bring your PGE account number
  • Given the coronavirus pandemic, we encourage customers to use self-service options when possible to limit their exposure to large groups of people.

Your billing options

Paperless Bill

Get a monthly email notice plus secure online access to archived bills.

Auto Pay

Set it and forget it!

Equal Pay

Evens out bill fluctuations so you pay the same all year. (Good for smaller businesses and non-profits with 12-plus months of billing history. Learn more.)

Preferred Due Date

Request a due date that works best for you.

Work with Multiple Accounts

See options to group several accounts for quick analysis and easier management.

Need help paying your bill?

Call our Business Services Team at 503-228-6322 or 800-822-1077 to discuss your options.

Working with several accounts?

See your options to manage multiple business accounts more easily.

Make it easy

Enter your checking account information on our secure site once and you can pay online or with Auto Pay.

Paperless Go paperless

Free yourself from clutter and waste with Paperless Bill.